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Life made simple

Protects Children’s Fingers
from Door Crush Injuries

Works Automatically,
No Need to Remember to Place a Doorstop

Peace of Mind to Busy Parents

Unmatched Benefits
Fix and forget

When the door is opened, handisure® engages itself automatically and stops the door from closing.

Fits most standard doors

Handisure® can be used on standard internal doors (33 to 37mm and 43 to 47mm thickness or 1 – 3/8” ± 1/16” and 1 – 3/4” ± 1/16” inch).

No tool required

Just clip it over the hinge. No need of any tools or DIY skills.

Child safety
'Smart Head'

Unique feature that stops the door from closing even when opened by a toddler (please read cautions for details).

Away from toddlers

Fingers can get crushed both on the hinge side as well as on the lock side of the door. handisure® protects fingers from both sides of the door.

Hinge and lock side protection

No other door finger guard has all these features bundled in one.


Open the door fully.

Make sure the door does not close during installation.

Attach the Hinge-Clip to the uppermost hinge of the door.
Installation & instructions
Dad’s  Love…

Dad’s Love…

We believe that every child has a dream. It may be to become a computer whiz, an innovative engineer, a skilled surgeon, a musical maestro or anything else they may aspire to be. A serious hand injury, though, can dash these dreams in seconds, and make life’s journey more challenging.

Our son had just started crawling. We were very concerned about door injuries. But one morning we forgot to place a door finger guard.

Dr Pulathis Siriwardana
Surgeon and Inventor

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Every parent’s problem

Every parent’s problem

Its an exciting period when our bundles of joy start crawling then walking.We have many worries as they grow up.

Parents fear of door crush injuries in children. They fear of forgetting to place doorstops and children disarming doorstops.

A moment of forgetfulness can cause a permanent hand injury.

Let handisure® worry about your doors.

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Assured by awards

If you have small kids, you NEED to protect your doors Our son got his finger pinched in the door jam side of a wooden door, and it was the most awful, heart wrenching thing to witness. He got lucky and it didn't amputate his pinky finger but easily could have. After an ER visit and stitches, we immediately purchased these for all our doors. They fit into the door jam and only allow a parent to push aside to close the door fully. This would have saved us from that traumatic injury, so I fully recommend getting a product like this for your doors!


I don't usually write reviews but this is a must Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 August 2022 Size Name: 3 in a pack Colour Name: White Teal This is the best safety door device I have ever seen. I have tried several others and my grandson had always managed to destroy them but this one he could not master as it is really tough to the point he ended up ripping the hinge out bot the stopper is still in one piece.


A must have if you have a toddler at home Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 April 2022 Size Name: 1 Count (Pack of 1) Colour Name: 1 Count (Pack of 1) We have tried the traditional door guards, but it was not that much of a solution, as it sometimes skips our mind to place it. What we like about this is that we don't have to take an extra effort, to put it in place, as once it is fixed it works by itself. It does everything it says it does. Although it is a bit pricier than the common products, it is a high-quality product, which you can rely on and that will last a long time unlike other ones we "had" used. I saw some reviews saying it damages the door, I don't have this problem. There are very clear instructions if people care to read them, in respect of the hinges and the screws. This one is perfect for our doors. I think this is all to do with having proper hinges.


One of my biggest fears in life is little ones getting their fingers pinched to the door, I went through that as a mother with my daughter when she was little at her pediatrician's office door. Wish this product was available then. I recommend Handisure to everyone who has little kids walking in and out of doors. I bought it to my classroom, now I don't have to worry about them waiting in line to go out. Handisure is easy to install, instructions were very easy to follow. It is also very sturdy and can stop the heavy door in the classroom. The best is the automatic function make life easy, I don't have to remember to place it every time a kid goes through the door.

Mary Chang